It's all about the TREE.....

This past Saturday was the annual trip to Rhode Island for the annual Christmas tree.

And we went to this goofy, typically Rhode Island
(read: naturally beautiful but isolated, provincial)
tree farm called Big John Leyden's.

(this would be Big John)

Located in the very 'sticks' of Rhode Island. Back country. Rural. Out post.
(and a little creepy, if you ask me)

"Hundreds of acres...with hundreds of trees...."

and so we hiked around.

and around.

and around.

with maybe a bajillion other people.

Kids were with us, obviously, but the annual trek for a tree usually
becomes the annual argument over which tree.

And I would find a tree, Scott would nix it.
Scott would find a tree, I would nix it.
And this went on for enough time that the sky turned gray,
kids seemingly disappeared,
and it was fade to black.

It all starts out fairly innocuous, almost friendly:
"No, honey, that's much too tall"
"No. Now that's way too skinny."
"I said that we should get a Balsam Fir"
"I thought you said we should get a Fraser Fir"

and turns into something that matches the color of the sky:

"Wha?, No. Too fat"
"Are you kidding me?"
"Wtf! That's way too tall and way too fat!"

"Goddammit. Fine. Whatever. You decide. Jerk."

A beautiful public display of public warfare. MMmmm. Yes!

So. I won the battle.
And then I had to explain to the kids that no,
Scott and I would not be getting a divorce over a Christmas tree.


Anonymous said...

Karen you crack me up!!!


court. said...


If you want to talk creepy back-woods, ask your husband about Chariho. I used to have to travel up there for basketball games in high school. Talk about Deliverance!


Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Wait! I know of this 'chariho' either because Scott has mentioned it or because of some old RI history....I will most definitely ask him. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...
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