The impossible list

Scott left for Paris on Monday. Not that big of a deal really, except who wouldn't want to spend a couple of days in the City of Lights before the holidays for some sights and some shopping?

So, in lieu of stowing away I thought I could arm Scott with a list. Mostly a list that he could take in to Le Bon Marche'.

And to give you a sense of how I came up with this list I just googled and flickred Le Bon Marche' to my heart's content.

Come with me through the aisles of the fabulous La Grande Epicerie, where I could spend hours upon hours.

Should we start off with a macaron? Maybe of the hazelnut or pistachio variety?

or perhaps the formagerie? cheese and baguette for anyone?

or yogurt....that delicious high fat, non-pasteurized yogurt that's like cream.....? I think the yogurt found in France, Belgium, Germany....is like nothing here. It's really like some tart pudding that redefines the word creamy.

or maybe some local produce? Fruits..... or......

white asparagus, endive, leeks, shallots....gorgeous display of root vegetables, greens, and mushrooms.....

or maybe just a hearty roll to tuck into your pocket for the walk back.....

wait, is that fish? Why is there no odor? why does it look so fresh? Le Bon Marche' puts Dean & Deluca to shame, if you ask me.

I guess I'll just grab a sandwich for the ride home.

The sun is setting, time to hit the dusty trail.

Au revoir, Le Bon Marche'

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