Just for fun....

I married a man that adores Halloween. His nickname was Halloween when he was maybe 9 years old. A fact he'll remind me of maybe a billion times in October. He can watch endless hours of horror (or 'ho-raw' if you're from RI). And he delights in plotting out the best trick-or-treating path for the kids - like what streets and houses they can 'hit' to get the most candy.

Me? Not so much. I really don't like ho-raw flicks. I hate Halloween decorations. And the whole door-to-door solicitation just doesn't do it for me.

So, whenever Scott gets into his Halloween frenzy and wants plan and discuss matters as pumpkin carving or the candy we'll be handing out I love making the following suggestions, with the straightest face possible:

1. Pencils!

2. Balloons!

3. Fist full of nuts!

4. Cans of diet soda!

5. Pads of Post-its!

6. Squirts of hand sanitizer!

7. One piece of candy corn!

8. Black licorice!

9. Fresh cranberries!

10. an Easter Peep!

(It never gets old....really. With such an easy target? Just for fun.)


Anonymous said...

I did hand put pencils and balloons, serveral times. The little kids loved getting a pencil. The greedy older kids not so much! Your are your Mother's daughter.



beachbungalow8 said...

i vote for squirts of hand sanitzer. But then I open all doorknobs with my sleeve pulled over my hand.

northsidefour said...

I bought pretzels this year, bags and bags of pretzels. My husband is horrified that we are going to be "that building, that place that gives out the really bad stuff", he's terrified. And clearly upset that pretzels are not the leftover candy he was hoping for.

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