Getting my fix

I spend probably a little too much time checking what's the what with a variety of news sources, given that in just three weeks someone other than George W. Bush will be chosen to live in the White House.

My first go-to is usually Huffington Post. Reading HuffPo is a lot like eating huge handfuls of potato chips....tasty, salty, and a very indulgent. Then I'll go to the NY Times for all the news that's fit to print. Maybe a trip over to CNN for a more measured opinion, and then a last quick look at Boston dot com for whatever. Local news, I guess. It's a pretty disappointing site but I'm loyal, nonetheless.

And I go through this routine maybe 8 or 10 times every day.

However, I have now found one addition to my ever-growing list of webernet distractions. Fivethirtyeight.com. 538 references the total number of electors in the electoral college. Nate Silver is the architect. Read more about Nate and his numbers *here*.

I am now officially a nerd. The comparisons...the graphs....all those pretty numbers. It's glorious.

(for now..... Let us hope it remains glorious through November 4)


Anonymous said...

I thought I was the politcal junkie in the family - looks like I am getting a little competition !!!


northsidefour said...

Do you read realclearpolitics.com? Plenty of charts, maps, articles, wonderful things to keep you busy. It's my time eater right now, I'm a nerd, right there with you. Now off to check out 538, thank you!

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Ally, this is great. Another one to add to my list. A thousand thanks.

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