That's it, I'm leaving.

I had my wallet stolen last Friday. I have one worried/anxious/panicky 7 year old. And a 10 year old with a sore throat. And I have so much minutiae and details and whatnot floating around in my head that I left my keys on the kitchen counter, can't find my sunglasses, and quite possibly may have left the house without getting fully dressed.

But no matter what; tonight I leave for my little honey of a 5-day-get-away with Scott. Barring Armageddon, I'm getting on that plane tonight and will arrive in Brussels tomorrow morn. And I will practice all of my superstitious mental exercises so that the plane won't crash. And I will pine for my kids-but just for a little bit. I will stroll, I will eat, and I will drink. I will take it all in, like a ice cold bottle of water after a good, long, hot run.

And I may even write some bad poetry.


Jennifer said...

Have a safe journey and a fully enjoyable time in Brussels! It sounds like you really do need a break :)

beachbungalow8 said...

have some wine (as opposed to whine) and chocolates for me. I'd love to be going for 5 days. the perfect amount of time.

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