5 Jours dans Bruxelles

For five days Scott and I had only ourselves, some really surprisingly decent weather, and the freedom to do whatever the heck we wanted in Brussels. We strolled around. Checked out some favorite haunts, ate crazy-awesomely good food, drank local wine and beer, and discovered some new 'hoods.

But most importantly, the biggest take away? And the one thing that's hardest to find when you're home? Time.

The greatest appeal to me with Brussels is their whole cafe' culture. Sit outside with your coffee or your wine or your beer. And sit. Chat. Sit. Stare. But mostly sit still. And just take it all in.

Recommendations for a short visit (for greater impact, clicking on the red words will help immensely):

We stayed at the Amigo (right next to the Grand Place, perfect for a short stay without kids).

We dined here: Le Hasard des Choses (random things), Lola, La Manufacture (formerly a Delvaux factory), La Villette (moules et frites), and Little Asia (Vietnamese).

We drank here: Roy de Espagne (in the Grand Place), Mappa Mundo (see above), and the lounge at the Amigo.

and we walked here: Cantillon Brewery, Place St-Géry, Horta Museum, and Parc de Bruxelles

and we slept here: @@@@@

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Jenny said...

I love the pictures! I've been meanin' to tell you. I enjoy the everchanging pics at the top of your blog. Sounds like an incredible getaway. Bart and I have managed to chisel out a two-day weekend in...grand ole' KC. ha. Same thoughts...time to just do what we wish. We're thinking much bigger for next year...maybe Brussels, incidently my mother's favorite city.

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