BTS Rulz!

I love back-to-school stuff. I love the supply lists, I love the hype, and I love the drama. But what I mostly really truly love is the shopping.

I love waiting until the last minute to go to Target so I can wade through the other procrastinators and shuffle along the messy aisles of shredded school supplies or crumpled clothing that are strewn about.

I love dodging anyone that looks vaguely familiar because I'm so cranky and I'm afraid I might either swear or spit. In their face.

I love delivering threat upon threat that if I hear one more thing about Pokemon (said: "Pokie Man") cards all screen time is off the table for not one day but two.

I love trying so hard not to lose it completely because someone decides at the absolutely wrong time that they have to go to the bathroom. Which would mean losing our spot in the check-out aisle because said bouncing-red-faced-seven-year-old refuses to go alone.

And I really love the fact that I always seem to grab that one squeaky, lopsided cart that I have to wrangle to stay straight or keep from plowing into the calm family of 8 that always seem to be in my path.

I love back to school stuff.

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