Big Superlatives from the littlest state

Still finding sand in pockets, cuffs of sleeves, underwear, and ear drums....but our two week love affair with the beaches of Rhode Island has gently ended. Not unlike that overdone cheesy image of holding hands gently pulling away, we bid a fond farewell to our summertime love and obsession.


Not without a little swan song and seafood shenanigans!

If you ever happen to find yourself at the active fishing port of Point Judith and Galilee, where the Block Island ferry is located I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND a stop at:

(my very pathetic attempt at photography while on the ferry to BI, RI)

This little Rhody institution is the place for all your New England clambake, quahog, lobster, scallop, clam, squid, needs. Cow and foul are also served for the landlubber types.

While Rhode Island clam chowder (the RI clear kind, the Manhattan red kind, or the easier New England creamy kind) enjoys a fierce competition among its fan base, Champlin's does a decent enough job. Their clam cakes aren't too greasy, their lobster rolls aren't too mayo-y, and their lobsters aren't too pithy. It's not the best in New England seafood offering but for the location, the local color, and the ice cold Sam Adams on tap when you're surrounded by Madaket Millies and 'Sconset Sals-and other salty-swampy types-working the fryer, the grill, and taking orders, I can't think of a better way to enjoy an authentic slice of the New England coast. Gruffness and missing teeth not withstanding.

.....more little Rhody superlatives to follow.....


Project Ecoart said...

Looks like fun! The food looks amazing too :)

Anonymous said...

Very Nice Pictures

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