So many reasons that Summer is my most fave season of all....glorious sun, magnificent sea, salty sand and my appetite wanes like low tide at full moon (lousy metaphor).

And on the occasion that I feel like whipping up something fresh and tasty during these hot, humid months, I tend to go for green, salty, and light.

I haven't cooked anything memorable in a while, in fact just recently I discovered to my horror that the heads of garlic I have were really gross, dried up, wrinkled kernels. Shallots are always in plentiful supply but I felt like I done my daddy wrong without having any decent garlic in the house.

And being Friday and all, I'm feeling more inclined if not inspired to cook tonight. Even if our sun-drenched kitchen is hovering around 85° I'm feeling like we deserve a well-prepared, planned meal...... I'm thinking:

Roasted Asparagus

(and I tend to augment this with roasted pine-nuts, shaved Comte' , and some of lemon juice)

and then I'm thinking of some Bruschetta....maybe one with a creamy protein.....

Honey-Tomato Bruschetta with Fresh Ricotta

and since we seem to be virtually touring the 'Boot', how about a nice chilled bottle of Italian Rose'. Cantine Talamonte being our current favorite.

¡Salud! Santé, e Cin Cin!

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Project Ecoart said...

Wow...looks yummy!

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