Dine in Brookline Village and travel the world

Take a walk around Brookline Village and you'll find that you can eat from nearly every continent around the globe. Twenty-five restaurants adorn our little Brookline Village. 25 eateries that range from your standard delicatessen to authentic Persian to borscht-y Russian.

Brookline Village is such a richly diverse community. I often forget that just steps out my door what options lay before me....a complete list with links to sites (where available) are below.

Please add to comments any thoughts or experiences you've had with Brookline Village restaurants.

Baja Betty's - California-style Mexican
3 Harvard Street

Bottega di Capri - Italian
41 Harvard Street

Brookline Spa - Delicatessen
75 Harvard Street

Cafe' Stoli - Russian
213 Washington Street

Cutty's - American (and not yet open)
248 Washington Street

Family Restaurant - Turkish
305 Washington Street

Japan Village Mart - Japanese (and my experience *here*)
200 Washington Street

Kookoo cafe' - Persian/European cafe'
7 Station Street

La Morra - Northern Italian
48 Boylston Street

Mangia - Italian Pizzeria
8 Cypress Street

Martin's Coffee Shop - American-style diner
35 Harvard Street

Matt Murphy's - Irish Pub (and my experience *here*)
14 Harvard Street

Minsok - Korean
92 Harvard Street

New Paris Bakery - Bakery
10 Cypress Street

Olecito - Mexican (not yet open)
6 Cypress Street

Oriental Pearl
- Vietnamese
220 Washington Street

Orinoco - Venezuelan (and my experience *here*)
22 Harvard Street

Pomodoro - Italian
24 Harvard Street

Sandwich Works - American delicatessen
195 Washington Street

Sichuan Garden - Chinese
295 Washington Street

Tashi Delek - Himilayan/Nepalese/Tibetan (read my experience *here*)
236 Washington Street

Village Fare Pizza - Pizzeria
387 Washington Street

Village Pizza House - Pizzeria
312 Washington Street

Village Smokehouse - American BBQ
1 Harvard Street

Virginia's Fine Foods - European-American cafe' and catering
8A Cypress Street

Yokohama - Japanese
238 Washington Street

Zen 320 - Japanese/Sushi
320 Washington Street

The total count is actually twenty-seven restaurants, with the recent addition to this list of the pizzerias that reside on Washington Street.


beachbungalow8 said...

I've been to about half of this list. what about that italian place that's on the corner of Harvard and Babcock. I think it was because I was pregnant, but i LOVED it there. {and in my senility, I think I always ask you the name}

Unknown said...

Don't forget the two Pizza/take-out places: Village house of Pizza and Village Fare. Not quite up to La Morra's level of quality but since you're counting, might as well include them.

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

You are so right! I'll add them straight away, thanks pallen.

Anonymous said...

What this area needs (NEEDS!) is a good Greek restaurant.

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