Head Gear

What would you do if you put on some kid's batting helmet because you were bored watching a bunch of puppies 6 year old boys playing t-ball and realized that it was a little too small and that you had the following choices:

a) leave it on and pretend you're just a really enthusiastic mom

b) leave it on but try to cover it with a turban

c) take it off knowing that you'll lose an ear in the process


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I want details. If this happened to me I would have to choose A. Then run home and pour olive oil on my head and try to wrench it off without anyone finding out!

Hope you still have an ear.

beachbungalow8 said...

A and i fully subscribe to the emporer (although i need to learn to spell that) and his new clothes concept. wear it and own it DAMMIT.

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