Basket of Goodness

It might be rather unconventional ...but if you're new parents and you're world travelers and you're creative and you tend to think out of the box and you're pretty keen on exploring new horizons wouldn't you love to receive a basket of global edibles for yourselves?

Maybe I buck the trend too much but I think these new parents (and dear friends) received enough onesies, blankets, and baby paraphernalia to last at least six months.

So, I thought a big ol'basket of food might be the proper reminder that even though you have to learn to eat while holding a swaddling baby-burrito, you can still enjoy a fantastic meal of Italian cheeses, ciabbati, salami secco, pesto, a couple bottles of libations, amaretti and a wee box of Parisian macaroons.

Plus, the newest addition to 33 Kent Street (age 6 days) will have plenty of opportunity to be the recipient of other gifties.

Welcome to Earth, Miss Petra Aurelia!!


Anonymous said...

This was by far the best gift we have received. We are loving every last morsel of imported and unpasteurized goodness. You are so urban, chic! We love it!

Make sure to swing by any time you want a Petra fix, she is loving all the attention!

All our love,
Jaime and Chad

beachbungalow8 said...

you are the un paralleled gift giver. you win. always. i think you've found your calling. seriously.

Anonymous said...

After finally reading, I may be more thankful for your kind words than the amazing basket. You are too good. Cheers!

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