Why is my nostril on fire?

We've got a little dinner party tonight. So, I thought I'd infuse a little sunny Caribbean spice in this mashed potato season of winter. Menu includes coconut shrimp, plaintains, mango-papaya goo and the like. Main course includes Jerk chicken, black beans and cilantro-lime rice with a salad of mixed greens and hearts of palm. It's all so retro-1994, Sugar Reef Cafe, East Village, NYC.

And in prepping for the Jerk marinade I had my hands and fingers all over two habanero peppers. All over, like some manual orgy. Hands and peppers.

Hot peppers.

With burning juice.

And what felt like hours later in my total slothlike-dripping-off-the-couch mode of watching tv I put my finger in my nose.

And I'm on fire.

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