I {heart} you

Many thanks to all the greeting card companies we've got ourselves this one day in the whole, entire year that's earmarked for big red hearts....what we love, why we love, how we love and who we love....hearts and love. Love and hearts.

I love my family and my friends beyond words but on a more shallow level I also covet many things. Things that make my smile or feel good that are already in my possession....things that I know I can't take with me when that final day comes but until then, j'adore ces choses:

What I {heart}:

New York Times, particularly Wednesday (food and dining edition), Thursday (Style and health edition) and Sunday (massive compendium edition)

Jutta Neumann bags and sandals.

Hable Construction
Fleur de sel

A well-made cocktail
Black tea with milk

Dosa apparel

Christina Lehr t's

Frye boots

Fiorentini + Baker boots and wedges

Calypso - Christiane Celle

Lucky Brand jeans

Utility Canvas wrap dress

New Yorker mags

Food & Wine mags

Bvlgari perfume

Molten Brown shower goo

Fromager d'Affinois (no bite or bitter Brie flavor, just creamy goodness)

Television. Specifically: Anthony Bourdain, Project Runway, Flight of the Conchords, Real Time with Bill Maher, and The Daily Show

Angela Adams rugs

Old, retired pull-down maps of Europe

Melissa Joy Manning jewelry

Margaret Solow necklaces

Stewart + Brown organics

Kerry Cassill

and my kid's bum


SGM said...

LOVED this list! And the sweet bum made me smile.

Anonymous said...

mannakin pis?

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Ha! funny....if only my son had turned around. Instant mannekin pis in real-life form!

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