Did someone say, "Road Trip?"

Sunday, February 3rd, sunny, mild....what better day than to take a drive to the Cape and check out Wellfleet, MA. We had three big reasons: 1) check out a recently reviewed restaurant that's in Wellfleet, b) check out a recently washed ashore ship wreck that made the news, potentially pre-Civil War schooner, and thirdly) return to a favorite playground with 'wicked fast' slides.

First Stop:

the wicked oyster

Outstanding burgers, yummy fresh soups and fresh salads...a good variety of beer on tap but not your average year-round eaterie. This place just adds a little sumthin' to an otherwise prosaic dish that makes it super tastey. Worth the trip.

And with our bellies full, the obvious next step is to play chase and slide down slides until you wanna puke.

Wellfleet playground, right next to the harbor.....

.....the harbor, where the famous Wellfleet oyster, cherrystones and other delectable crustaceans may be found in abundance.

And then on to Newcomb Hollow to check out this shipwreck......

Apparently this is the hull or what remains of a ship that came ashore with some recent storm. Incredible that this massive structure could float all the way up, on to the beach.

It's hard to describe the eeriness of this....all these modern people staring at this old boat. It was easy to imagine some mid-19th century spirits floating about getting a kick out of all of us, with our cell cameras and the like. A little Planet of the Apes for me.

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