Parenting Skills caught on film

I found some old photos that sorta chronicle the parenting skills of my brother, Colby. I am happy to say that my nephew Nate, currently 4 and a half, has survived quite well.
(and has developed his own sense of humor-thankgawd).

Colby. As NASCAR dad.
Nate. As displeased son.

John Byner

or Nate?


Dressing your son as a baddasss has it's own merits if you live in Brooklyn.

My all-time fave-

Sometimes an Eames can hurt.


beachbungalow8 said...

you: sic'we've decide to name our son 'colby'"
him: sic "you can't name him colby that's MY name'

this is the best 'older sister post'ive ever seen.

i'm laughing...hard.
oh wait, no i'm not i'm LOL

beachbungalow8 said...

i just looked at that ernie shot.

that's incdredible.
it's so amazingly brizilliant, that i dont' know where to begin. the dad, snoozing in the background. the moon faced kid in the fore ground? crazy good.needs an award

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