Holiday Hullabaloo

This. This electrical fantasy is just a half a mile from our home.

This house is in Jamaica Plain.

We live in Brookline.

Not so many Christmas decorations up...not so many lights...a rare wreath or Christmas tree in the window can be spotted but the red and green around Brookline isn't so much. More subdued.

And that's okay. We're constantly fighting the behemoth of consumerism and frenetic pace of this holiday season...so, if we're sparing our kids the unrelenting lights and the decorations and the yuletide carols that's okay with us.

But on that occasion when we need a shot of that-in-your-face-Santy-Claus-holiday-spirit we drive by our neighbor's. KerPow!


beachbungalow8 said...

no way.

LA said...

Don't remember how I got here but had to leave a comment. I live in Kansas by way of Boston!

I so remember that house. Haha!

Cheers! LA

Mrs. Blandings said...

That is like something someone would send me from YouTube and I would think it was "made up." I bet your children ADORE it!

beachbungalow8 said...

and i miss brookline. thank you for bringing back them memories.

Anonymous said...

Hey, belated greetings from a former inhabitant of that neck of the woods. Please, please post a picture of that house without the lights so people can see the contrast. I would wait for that house every time I rode into the city with my family (that and the New England School for Little Wanderers - I used to look up trying to see a little wanderer looking out the window but never did...). That was my magical house growing up. I left years before the current owner added his holiday touches but my mother keeps me posted and it even made the SF morning news this year! Thanks, Brookline.

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Oh Sparkie what a fantastic idea. The owner, Dominic Luberto (of Arborway, JP) usually has them up until Jan. 6 so there's no reason why I couldn't swing by in the light of day and capture his 'castle' sans lights.

Will do!

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