Warp Speed into the Holidays

Did you know that if you have two kids that are constantly and incessantly humming, singing, tapping, whistling the refrain to "Little Drummer Boy" the song will never leave your head?


Mrs. Blandings said...

I'm so sorry I haven't been by before, I know you are a friend of Megan's. As usual, I should have listened to her and come sooner. Your blog is a delight.

p.s. my boys all have varying degrees of sensory integration disorder (you can look it up if you are interested.) I have had clothes battles and bribes that would make the pea green blanket incident look like a day at the beach. :)

Anonymous said...

Who is that gorgeous lady?! Your husband is a lucky guy!

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Oh funny, Anon. That would be a 44 year old mother of two highly spirited, holiday-obsessed children. Aka me.

Anonymous said...

nice picture! you look beautiful!!!!

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