Taking the edge off.....

It's just Wednesday and I'm already longing for a night by the fire, drink in hand. Maybe it's the holiday-obsessed children I'm desperately trying to keep at bay.

Or maybe it's because Scott's in London for the week and the fun of single-parenting lasts only so long.

So, one might ask: What's one really good way to really get through these next weeks as peacefully and calmly as possible as a single parent or otherwise?

Well.....I've found that, particularly on our free-for-all Friday nights in the Sutton household, a nice, seasonal cocktail will certainly help.

Second only to the Moscow Mule, a mix of Maker's Mark bourbon whiskey and Reed's ginger ale is nothing short of nirvana on a cold, winter's night. We like to load our highball glasses with ice, maybe two jiggers of Maker's and then top it off with Reed's. It's a spicy, warming, taste sensation.

Have some nice, meaty Cerignola green olives and salted cashews on hand and the edge will be well on it's way.....

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