Mmmmm, good parenting

Dress Up Day at Pierce School (turkey at lunch, celebrate Thanksgiving....all very colonial).

Colby's all set with his little cardigan, trouser thing goin' on. Even works his part with his hair. Little slick-down (he's such a Felix Ungar).

And for Maia, I've already art-directed her sweet, hip outfit (weeks in advance).

And Maia refuses to wear it, this beautiful, high-end sweater dress that was a gift to her. And since I'm such an insecure control freak and desperately want her to wear it I find myself pulling out all the stops to force her to wear it. It's Dress Up Day at Pierce, fergodsakes!

First it's a quiet plea.

Then it's a joking beg.

Finally, it goes from 'I'll pay you' , then 'I'll pay you $20'to a last-ditch-effort 'I'll buy you a toy'. Desperate times=desperate measures. Scott overhears all this and tries to stop the madness with verbal persuasion. Yeah, right.

Ultimately, Maia wins. She doesn't wear the 'ugly pea soup-colored blanket sweater'.

And I try to recover my pride.


beachbungalow8 said...

of course, because you know that everyone judges you by your child. it's a universal truth.

which why i cringe when my child comes home wearing 'a&f' shit.

hey can you roll that sweater dress my way please??

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

You betcha 'cuz it's Miss Charlotte's color.

Anonymous said...

I love your sweater dress story. I've given up on trying to get my little gal to wear what I want and just pray everyone knows I didn't pick out the striped pink shorts with the blue flower tights and maryjane outfit. YIKES! hooray for your own sense of style.

SGM said...

Please know that in my experience --having been in the Maia position-- that she will come to you in 20 years and say "This is the dress I refused to wear? It's adorable! I was nuts." :)
I can't believe she didn't go for the toy! That would have broken me.

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