Work Hard - Play Hard

Today we hit the ground running. La tour Eiffel, 'Pique-Nique' Lunch, Bateaux Mouche and dinner out was on the itin.

First the Eiffel Tower:

(kids wanted to me to take a picture of them looking like they were leaning on the tower.... can ya tell?

More from the ever majestic Eiffel Tower...

We even saw this worker--

who was working--

on the tower--

250 ft. high--

barely holding on--


(but it was just a mannequin)

Then we took a bateaux mouche back to our hotel. Whizzed past Notre Dame (to savor tomorrow)

and then we went out to dinner. In classic Scott/Karen Sutton fashion we conducted an enormous amount of research to find the perfect spot for dinner. For adults and kids. And the result was Le Relais L'Entrecote.


Classic French. Serving one dish: steak and frites. And their own cheap wine. Good night for all.

(including Buggy-eyed Johnson)

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