Jardin du Luxembourg (the kid version), Paris

First, it was like the Bataan Death March for the kids. It was only a mile or so but I think we really pushed the whole walking thing with them. Let's just say it was our compromise....we walk among the Parisiennes, among the ancient streets and buildings. They get an awesome playground as a result.

Grand Bassin. A quick rest at the And then off to the fabled zip-lines at our destination. I think Scott and I have talked up this playground with the kids so much that they may have expected free candy, free anti-gravity boots and some Willy-Wonka-Wonderland upon arrival. Still.... the
zip-line was pretty cool.

So was the spinny-cup-for-kid thingy.

For lunch it was a picnic among the lovers strewn across the lawn in the garden. Fun to try explain what 'those grown-ups are doing' to the kids. It was also amazing how many times we heard a cork popping with a bottle of Champagne.

It was a perfect day. Sunny. Fun.
and tasty.

Ahhh. Our weekend in Paris was divine. It was a little hard keeping our plan to kid-inclusive activities but within three days we covered a lot of ground. Our hotel was perfectly situated, especially since we weren't there much. The major sights were seen and enjoyed. And Scott and I got our cheap wine, bread, cheese, pate', and etc. Now we're back in Brussels. Monday's tomorrow. Forecast is cloudy, 65 degrees. May just spend the day trekking to our English-only bookstore for Harry Potter and Tintin.


Anonymous said...

What fun! I want to go play at that playground too. Also, your picnic looks mouth watering. J'adore Paris!


Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Moi aussi! (although a little torturous being there without having the time to just stroll, sit at a cafe, ponder life over a bottle of wine or really shop - but that'll be next time, sans l'enfants)

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