Survival Strategies

When the weather's not cooperating and the kids are buggy, what's one thing you can do? Well, go to the local market and get junk food. Supplies typically include chips, candy, Nutella, gross candy, gross chips, more nutella, weird gummi things (worms, banjos, oddly-misshapened discs) and I even succumbed to candy necklaces. Dentist'll love me.

and then the kids and I play board games for hours. Uno. Sorry. Monopoly. (mmm, with a 6 year old. Good times). And if we're really up for it, Double Solitaire. And then I try to teach them how to shuffle cards. And card etiquette. House of Cards is waaay too frustrating. People could snap in an instant.

And I try not to get too crabby. With record-vintage-80's playing in the background. We've done some museums. We could use our $3.95 umbrellas to brave the wind and the rain but we'd rather stay inside. Oh yes. While I look at the clock and count down the hours until 6pm, when the cavalry arrives. And I can sit in front of my little laptop screen. And zone out.

Funny, how an up-day almost always seems to be followed by a down-day. Fortuna's Wheel I guess.

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