Ramble On...

We've been here nearly one month. In retrospect I feel as though we've taken well advantage of our neighborhood here in Brussels, the public transportation, some cultural highlights and accessible weekend trips to other countries. When I started this blog I had intentions of
helpful(?) parenting-abroad anecdotes but I think my stories are as common and normal as any American parent with a 6 and 8 year old. Some highs. Some lows. Surprisingly, I think that even amidst the stress of another country that I can spend hours on end with my children (even if that time includes some dervish spinning, flip-outs or spread-eagle-on-the-floor exhaustion)and that I really do love my children and they really do love me.

Fortunately and ultimately, I think we've succeeded in broadening our children's perspectives. We've exposed them to more Western Civilization, other first world countries...that the US is great but there's plenty more out there-just waiting for them. And certainly we have given them a taste of what they can make of their future....if they want it to include a European-or other locale- sojourn, it's well within their reach. I mean, who knows what their take-away will be when we get back. It's most likely the over-the-top candy store in Brugge or the zip-line in Paris. The buildings may have been lost on them for all I know. But I do hope that this 'Bruxellian' chapter isn't just it. I hope we can go far and wide into other continents as a family. Luckily, Scott and I have always been on the same page with priorities for our family, be it wanderlust, haute cuisine, or just enjoying the natural beauty of our surroundings. Maybe just maybe we've laid some decent groundwork for both kids.

(and as I type this there's Led Zeppelin cranking on the radio....jeezus, there's always some subtle reminder that Hutchinson, Kansas is really just around the corner from here....which isn't necessarily a bad thing....
and I'm not sure of any greater rock classic than Ramble On...


Anonymous said...

Karen,Scott, Colby & Maia -

Greetings from Boston! Nigel passed along the link to your blog. The photos and narrative are neat. I hope you're enjoying yourselves. The look on Colby's face while slumped on the bench in the Jardin de Luxembourg is priceless. It's exactly how I looked at his age as my folks dragged me through various wordly attractions I cared little about. It's also how I look today when Lisa informs me of a pending visit from the in-laws, or when Neal announces some masochistic WOD. Young as they are, Colby and Maia will remember this trip for a long time.

By the way, I like the way you've integrated Tintin and Captain Haddock into your blog graphics. I grew up reading those beloved stories (in Icelandic and Swedish), and the Captain certainly posesses an impressive reservoir of uncomplimentary monikers in any language.

You're certainly not missing much here: Sox still lead the AL East; Presidential candidates continue to trade barbs; Linsay Lohan gets nabbed for DUI again; and CrossFit still hurts.

Thanks for sharing the photos and narrative (today's posting about broadening one's horizons is right on target). Be safe and be well.


Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Thanks for the thoughts and update, Thor. I've been keeping an eye on the BostonCF website to see what you guys have been up to. Can't say that I've maintained any level of effort-other than an occasional run here and there. I'll see you back 'in the box' in a couple of weeks! Cheers!

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