Les Chips d'Allauch

from France des Saveurs

I know.  But here's the thing - if you've traveled overseas can you not deny the simple fact that junk food and soda taste incredible?  Seriously.  No matter how jet-lagged or out of sorts, the junk tastes comforting and good.

And I think one of the most delicious drinks I've ever had was an Orange Fanta in Italy.  I swear.

And so when I saw that my favorite stalking stalker spots local foodie shop was carrying these super-fantastic Provençal potato chips, I thought to myself, "here's an opportunity to transport some friends to another land through the simple means of a tater chip".

See, we're having a little holiday shindig at 33 Kent St. And now it's basically no-holds-barred,  since I got me some French junk food.

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