Oh, to travel time....from here to then.

Chinese and Italian Boys on Mulberry Street - New York, circa 1930

Always wanted to time travel. Always wanted to see what life looked like from say the 1930s or thereabouts. And now I can with:

By combining the access and mobility of Google Maps and uploaded historical photos of specific locations, you can take a 1930s stroll through San Francisco, Paris, Little Italy or China Town in Manhattan....even Amsterdam.

Intersection of Montgomery, Post, and Market St.
Looking south from the bottom of Montgomery St.. Crocker Building at the apex of Market and Post.
San Francisco, circa 1912

"SepiaTown lets you view and share thousands of mapped historical images from around the globe. Search the map to view images or...

We welcome historical images from collections of all sizes, from libraries and historical societies to individuals with a boxful of cool old photos."


72 and sunny said...

i LOVE this. I love more that photo of the immigrant's kids. The whole time we walked around SoHo I kept saying, imagine what this looked like when it was new. What were people wearing, the street was maybe muddy, or cobble stoned....I love this kind of thing.

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Totally agree. Particularly when you go to old world locations....but I'm also psyched to see what comes of this (not unlike My Parents Were Awesome and other sites built by users) with SFO and LA and who knows where. Total digathon with this.

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