Peeps!?!... it must be Easter!

When I was a kid, Easter was all about food.


No - really.

All holidays at the Hall household were food related.

In fact, I think all days were food related.

But Easter especially. The day would start off with a cut throat competition lively scavenger hunt for our Easter baskets with my brother and I. My dad was totally into making it difficult, challenging, if not a little dangerous. In fact, our last hunt-when my brother and I were probably too old for scavenging-was a total goof on my brother. My dad had maybe 5 clues for me to follow while he sent my brother on such a complicated hunt that it included my brother ultimately getting into the car and driving a half mile or so to our neighborhood swimming pool for a clue (a genius move on my dad's part, I have to say).

At the end of the hunt, I was rewarded with a wink and a $100 bill. Just to see my brother's reaction. When my brother had appropriately thrown a fit of 'that.is.so.unfair', the deal was that I had to return the money. But still, I was the victor of the hunt (even if it was unfair).

Easter at our house also included the expected egg hunt, which was different than the scavenger hunt. These dozen or so eggs were usually placed all around our yard, if not the yards of neighbors' as well. I can so remember finding half-frozen hard-boiled-colored eggs that were cracked, grassy, dirty - all to my delight. Like they were all golden and precious.

Even today, when I'm looking for sand dollars on the beach with the kids or seashells...that nervous and excited feeling of whatever, of....look, keep looking...searching...who's going to find it first...keep looking.....Aha! It's like Hide the Thimble all over again.

Today, there's no yard, not even a neighbor's yard. No....just an urban building. A parking lot. But! We do have four floors and two sets of stairwells. We may not require a car for our hunt, but scavenging will definitely entails lots of stairs. We even have a creepy basement. Where maybe the Easter Bunny can just suddenly jump out and appear?

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northsidefour said...

Karen, I love this, and I loved kid Easter, loved the food, the baskets, the hunt, the whole thing. I too wrote about the Easter family food fest, and the Dad, I miss the Dad too. Happy Late Easter! ally

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