Message on a Bottle

David de Rothschild

This guy? This guy is building a sail boat, a catamaran (dual hull) to be exact, out of plastic. Plastic bottles. And he's sailing this boat across the Pacific. From his website, Adventure Ecology:

In Summer 2009, David de Rothschild and a crew of experts, scientists and creatives will sail 12,000 nautical miles across the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Sydney in a boat made out of plastic bottles and recycled waste products. This epic voyage is named The Plastiki taking inspiration from Thor Heyerdal's 1947 expedition The Kontiki.

Through this audacious and bold adventure The Plastiki aims to draw attention to the rethinking of our everyday human fingerprints on the natural world and in turn capturing the world's imagination by telling a story; that of the pioneering and sustainable design process that created and built The Plastiki, to the oceans and the many challenges it and its inhabitants face.

This extraordinary ocean voyage will see The Plastiki sail through a number of fragile and ecologically challenged regions that that include the world’s largest waste dump through to The Line Islands and Tuvalu.

It is our aim to captivate, inspire and activate tomorrow's environmental thinkers and doers to take positive action for our Planet and to be smart with waste, ultimately we hope to inspire people to rethink waste as a valuable resource. One person's waste could be another person's treasure.

The boat. Which will set sail from San Fransisco in less than a month, is 60 feet long and will be headed for Sydney, Australia. It is to be made entirely of recyclable plastics, produce its own energy (stationary bikes, mind you), and generate no noxious emissions.

Earth Day is next Wednesday....I know we are deliberately trying to shrink our carbon foot-print but an undertaking like this always makes me feel like I'm personally not doing enough. Sure, I take public transportation, I walk everywhere, I avoid purchasing anything that could linger in a landfill for eons...but I never feel like I'm doing enough.

What's your message in a bottle?

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