What's worse:

A. Sitting in the dentist's chair for say maybe 30 minutes without realizing that your high-fashioned wrap-around top is gaping open to such an embarrassing extent

* OR *

B. Going to your 5th grader's breakfast with your fly open the entire time (picture: hands in pockets, possibly gaping open zipper...)

(I'm going with A because technically isn't the dentist a medical person and medical people are sorta, somehow used to embarrassing physical situations? )


beachbungalow8 said...

it depends on what "underpants" (love that word) you had on or if you were sans pantalon.

Anonymous said...

I choose A. You see the dentist only once a year. Not to mention the ridicule the poor 5th grader would go through if B happened. ha ha ha


Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

avec pantalon, thank goodness but in a sea of 5th graders it was not good. I choose A as well. I'm also hoping that I've cashed in all my 'oops-how-embarrassing' chits for a while.

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