First Day + Candles

First day back to school for a whole bunch of Brookline little citizens....and on a wet, rainy day, no less.  After a gloriously sunny, summer-y weekend, the rain today makes the walk to school feel maybe a little more welcoming,  I would imagine.  I know my two were very excited about today, crazy school-loving knuckleheads that they are.

And non-sequitor:  I thought I'd commemorate today with a soy candle.  Cedar Moss seemed to make the most sense today.   Soft, warm, and perfumed.  Just seemed to make sense.  School and candles, right?

image | S A I P U A
SAIPUA, and Sarah Ryhanen is one of my all-time faves for a computer excursion. 

And you can find more wit and beauty here:  

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