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Sturdy. Solid. Built to last.  Easier still to carry some lose change in your pocket.

And - will most likely  remind you of your dad.

N.D.C made by hand

Paul Smith

Dieppa Restrepo

fiorentini + baker

fiorentini + baker again

So stoked-psyched-jazzed-pumped-hyped over these Oxfordian legends.  
And happier still that Mr. E. Bay delivered a new pair to my door for a fraction of the original price.

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Jennifer said...

Fantastic! My favorites here are the Paul Smiths... the color, the wing tip styling... I got myself a terrific pair of black leather wing tip oxfords last year and look forward to pulling them out for the fall. Mr. E. Bay is a very good friend to me too--last month he found me a pair of brand-new waxed leather Bass Weejuns for $20--including shipping!

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