25hrs of Circus

image | 25h hotel-vienna
 Something in a size 14 red patent leather?

image | 25h hotel-vienna

 Panties on the lampshade, yes? 

image | 25h hotel-vienna

image | 25h hotel-vienna
I usually have my tea without the tulle and tambourine, but thanks.
image | 25h hotel-vienna

That's okay, I found a friend on the wall. Right here by my head.

image | 25h hotel-vienna

Okay.  But only for a drink that doesn't come out of the hat. 

It's not open yet.  This hotel opens April 17th.  And it's in Vienna.  Part of the 25hours Hotel chain, which has other gimmicky lodgings, as well.  Crazy good times sleeping with clowns and circus freaks, I guess. Actually, I would love to go to Vienna but maybe just not stay here.


Jennifer said...

This will look good in editorial coverage, but it's a bit too much for a hotel stay. If they kept only some of the touches instead of the entire theme, it would be much more livable. I'm sure there are MANY better places to stay in lovely Vienna!

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

I agree with Jennifer!

I like that the hotel in a museum kind of way, but sleeping under the tiger and ringmaster is a whole other experience.

I big yes, however, to drinks on the deck.

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