Stage Soup!

Allow me to take a minute to plug an awesome program in Brookline Village:

At Stage Soup we will play all of the fun and crazy theater games that we don’t always have a lot of time for at play rehearsals.

Bing Bang Boom, Viking/Bunny, “Darling,
I Love You,” Hitchhiker, Zippers
, and

Fairy-Tale Movies are just a few of the games we will play. 

They’re fun and also help you develop skills like confidence, quick-thinking, and creativity.

Whether you find yourself lying on the ground imitating a crocodile head, brushing your teeth while jumping up and down, or acting out a Kung Fu version of The Wizard of Oz, you’ll definitely laugh, make new friends, and find out that no two days are ever the same.

Attend the following FREE SESSIONS to get your first taste of the Soup…

Thursday March 31:
3:00-4:20 (ages 7-11) or
4:30-5:50 (teen)
LOCATION: Inner Space Annex
                     17 Station Street
                     Brookline, MA 02445
(across from Brookline Village T)

After that, all classes will be $15 each and you can either register in advance or just drop-in when you want. (pending space availability.)
Contact Ryan@stagesoup.com, or call 617-735-5664 today if you would like more details on either SPRING or SUMMER programs.


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