Dudes Factory

via Cool Hunter
via Cool Hunter
Tees, skate paraphernalia, art. And more art.  Great website, with featured artists-of-the-month. 

From Cool Hunter:

Arnaud Loix van Hooff and Heribert Willmerdinger, both from the advertising world, have opened Dudes Factory, at Torstrasse 138 in Berlin’s Mitte. This is as much a storefront for consuming and buying art, as it is a workshop, collaborative space and exhibition venue. Cooperation, experimentation and co-creation are the driving forces resulting in a constantly changing selection of one-of-a-kind products and art pieces.


The two owner “dudes” invite a new artist or designer in each month, and nurture, challenge and direct the artists to create new, experimental works for the store. They also created the Dudes LAB software, the creative platform that lets users change the artwork or combine it with the work of other artists. - Bill Tikos, Cool Hunter

And who wouldn't want a funny-fun tee?  I know a coupla kids that would go total ape-sh*t in this store.  Only it's in Berlin, so I'm not sure ape-sh*it would be appreciated.  And the prices aren't cheap.  Still.  It looks like a hit parade for my two knuckleheads.  Dudes Factory.  The one in Berlin.

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