Order of MUG

It's all about the mug.  And coffee mugs mean a lot in this family.  Meant a lot in my previous family, too - evident by the fact that my dad so proudly carried around the mug you see below.  A sturdy, handled, and most likely permanently stained cup that will forever keep your coffee warm or otherwise.  

 (delightful, little busy bunnies, no?)

For ardent fans of reusable mugs, both of the clean and just-kinda-clean variety, there's an Order for you.

and the Mission of the Order of MUG, you ask?  Herewith:

advocates the glorified wielding of reusable
beverage receptacles, shunning the feckless use of
disposable cups. MUG also encourages coffee
establishments globally to adopt a responsible code
of conduct to discontinue the mass distribution of
wasteful to-go cups, offering reusable mugs as the
only option to thirsty patrons.

Join the Guild.  And mug up.

Discovered here.


Sue said...

I see an orgy bunny going on...am i the only one?

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Nope - that's it. Total bunny orgy which would 'splain my dad's reason for loving the mug. I think we had another one with elephants going at it, too. Those ka-razy '70s!

(+ my dad had a mustache and zippered ankle boots, if you need more of a visual)

Richard Leach said...

I had the polar bear version of that mug for years, wish I still did.

(I'm a friend of Fred Free's - just came over from facebook - have a nice day!)

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Thanks Richard. And thanks for swinging by.

printed mugs said...

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