Oh Sugars

from Arkadia & co, via swissmiss
Awesome collection of old sugar packs from around Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Denmark, and who knows where else - with even more awesome typography.

But typeface aside, I'm partial to the penguin.  You?


Dar said...

Wow - fabulousl I love the simple "French Line", like a curly version of a Tiffany box.

Jennifer said...

The penguin is sweet (no pun intended) but I like how different the white and red cube at the center is from all the others. The floral edges are very retro!

I find it sad that no one serves sugar like this anymore. I'm old enough to remember them at restaurants and country clubs of my childhood. I would have collected them if my mother allowed me to (somehow the idea of piles of sugar in my room wasn't desirable).

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

I agree Jennifer, although you can still find the occasional tube of sugar but it's no fun without any cool, retro design.

I'm also drawn to the weird shepard-dog-desert that's green and pink. On on the bottom row. Not sure how that depicts that it contains a small box of packed sugar.

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