Places I have never been....

 Last Thursday night a friend and I public-transited off to a hand•made art event at west elm.  The evening was a ton of fun, highlighted by one particular artist selling her work.

Jennifer Hill, of JHillDesign, has such a mighty fine collection of eye-catching prints.  But.  What I really liked was her collection of map prints that she calls, "places I have never been".  I found myself lost for a good 20 minutes plowing through each and every map on her table.

And since I love to travel and all, I was so intrigued by her spot-on pattern and text that she used for art.  Big surprise, but Jennifer has never been to Kansas!  or England, and Vietnam, for instance.  Her design of patterns, colors, the overall appeal of the prints made me eager to know where she was getting her insight, inspiration, and kitschy text.  

from her website: 
“I’ve always loved to travel, so when I read or hear about places around the world I start day-dreaming about what it is like there… and then I start drawing. The patterns are influenced by the natural setting of the place, by the culture, and by the events I imagine being part of.” 

For each piece Jennifer includes tidbits of information about the place: The city/area and country name, the language, how many miles one would travel from the east coast (specifically Boston) to get there, and a few words about the influence of the place on the pattern. 

JHillDesign for more.

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