Please Excuse the Brief Intermission

Three years ago, I began this blog with the intention of keeping my extended family updated on our family-of-four-goings-on while we spent two months in Brussels.  Hence the name, +bonjourbruxelles+.

Since then, I've morphed the blog into a completely self-indulgent trip through my travels around New England, New York, and whateverelse I find along the way, either by my own personal discovery or someone else's, be it music, design, food, or goofy whatnot.

While it's not the two months we had before, we're heading back - as a family - to Brussels for the next week or so.  I've had the luck of going to Brussels a couple of times since our foray in 2007 (without the ruffians) but I'm eager to see my kids' reactions to the once familiar.  Colby was 6, now he's 9.  Maia was 9, now she's very nearly 12. 

(Hopefully, they won't embarrass me.)

I'll be back with something, I'm sure.  But it might take me a while.  Or not.  Laptop's coming with me, so I may post something....or not.  Hard to say.  But please, please forgive the intermission.

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Jennifer said...

Safe and pleasant travels to you and your clan!

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