A Rosé is (not) a Rosé

With apologies to Gertrude Stein and a heavy nod to the New York Times article on rosé wine, I wanted to share this bit on what is often a very misunderstood wine.

Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

I've posted in the past one of my favorite rosés, Tavel, a wonderful wine hailing from the southern Rhône wine region in France.

I invite you to click on over to this NY Times article and bone up on some this colorful libation. Because, frankly, I can't imagine a summer evening without a glass. As journalist Eric Asimov writes,

You really don’t need to see the seaside shimmering in the heat to enjoy a bottle, or smell the lavender, garlic, anise and saffron. It’s all there in the glass, along with the blues, pinks and yellows of a pastel sky, and the sounds of the motor scooters chugging over the cobblestones. Those are my images, at least. Good rosés call forth from each of us their own.

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