From the Eye of the Tiger

Hong Kong.

Or Honk Honk as my son would say.

It's on my mind a lot lately.....with the Chinese New Year just behind us and a husband off to this Pacific world city for a week, an old friend posting mobile images from a recent trip, and the overriding longing for a warmer clime with the gray New England dreary that. just. won't. stop.

So, I think I'll just sit and feel the warmth coming from my computer screen. And stare.

Stare at the things I'd like to see and do if I were to go to Honk Honk.

First, I'd learn all characters of the chinese alphabet. Yes.

-Breath in the every day life,

remember the red lantern,

be sure to put all sharp objects away at the goldfish market,

try not to stare,

note the Chinese appreciation of cigarettes (click on the photo and see what I mean),

and I'd be sure to bring home some Mao & co. memorabilia from Cat Street Market.

By this point, a foot massage at Stanley Market would be necessary...

Dim sum it up. Aplenty (necessary as well).

I'd have to check out the silk for bespoke qipao or cheongsam

visit the Temple of Heaven and probably get all emotional as I usually do when I travel.

And with the help of a couple of toothpicks, stay awake for the 8pm Symphony of Lights.


beachbungalow8 said...

honk honk is sort of like my "war war"(as in "war war one", "war war 2"etc)

The idea of China has always had a bit of a dark, opium den creepiness to me.This post may have turned that around. Except for that old guy.

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Yeah...you know there would be plenty of aged. Then again, I think China keeps them corralled in one neighborhood.

I'm dying to go.....just once.

Unknown said...

it is, without a doubt, one of my favorite places!!

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