A Black Box comes to Brookline

A large black box sits near the heart of Brookline Village.

Planned as the Children's Chapel and Education Center for the Korean Church of Boston, it is.....a very large, black, box.

The project has been built largely without regulation from Brookline due to a state law, called the Dover Amendment, that exempts religious institutions from certain zoning laws.

Architect, Brian Healy, designed the Children's Chapel and Education Center. I encourage you to take a tour through the planned interior on Healy's website.

I think the icicle lights add a certain Je ne sais quoi to the building, no?


Jeannine | The Small and Chic Home said...

Wow, it's such a lovely compliment to the traditional churches in the vicinity (I used to go to the Catholic church that's sort of across and down the street from that thing).

I wonder if it's just a box or if it was designed by some big name architect.

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

Brian Healy is the dude behind the design. Honestly, it hasn't been met with a whole lot of welcoming arms...I, myself, sorta dig it. In a rubik's cube sorta way.

david elzey said...

it doesn't work with the building it's attached to, it doesn't work in the neighborhood, and it's been under construction for two years and it's still unfinished.

and up close the materials it's made from makes it look cheap. like in ten years it'll be condemned.

in a word: ugly.

Ali Greenberg said...

I thought it was a holocaust memorial, it looks like an incinerator.
I know that churches have fewer zoning restraints but this blatantly disregards the surrounding buildings.

Unknown said...

While I appreciate modern architecture, this structure is completely inappropriate for its surroundings. It is an outrage that its construction was allowed, especially when you consider the lengths tax-paying citizens have to go in getting permission for modest revisions to the exteriors of their homes in this community.
The slate-like surface cries out for graffiti!

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