It's all so vaguely familiar....

I definitely would not say that our winter break was anything like a shipwreck. Nor did we ever feel like we were on a three hour tour. On the contrary, it was mostly a controlled sail through the bay. With a couple of very knowledgeable, seasoned captains alternating at the helm.

Although on occasion I did feel a little like Gilligan, the Professor, and Mary Ann. Did not feel like Ginger. Or Thurston Howell. No, no, not really.

Lovey, on the other hand, came to me on the first day back after vacation was over. Kids back to school, husband back to work....and me.....like a fury, I cleaned, scoured, chucked, heaved, moved, rearranged. Like a woman possessed....

No, really more like Lovey on radioactive sugar beets!

The famed episode, in it's entirety, for your viewing pleasure:

Gilligan's Island/Pass the Vegetables.

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