Superstition or Supreme Control?

I never really thought of myself as superstitious. Not really. I don't avoid walking under ladders. I don't really care about crossing a black cat's path. No big whup when my umbrella flies open indoors. Spilled salt, crack mirror, 13th floor or aisle.....*yawn*. No biggie.

But. I do have the 'habit' of absolutely needing to knock wood whenever I say something like, "My kids haven't had H1N1, yet." Or, "Stitches, but no broken bones here", or "My daughter's never lost a leg and been to the emergency room".....really anything that temps fate I really have to literally knock on wood.

Freaky like.

Another must-do is when I'm on a plane, either alone or with my husband or even with the kids, I go through the whole mental imagery of my death, my memorial service, the music played at the memorial service, life without me around or with my family.....I do this because in my wacky brain I somehow believe that I can thwart death and disaster by playing it all out in my head. It's magical thinking. And it works like a charm.

Like I have supreme control or something.

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E said...

I get it...I always knock on wood too. And I feel guilty when there's no real wood around--like in the car where that plastic wood just has to make do.

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