Sassafras Bindery

I know this bookbinder, see.....

Who makes the most beautiful books.

and boxes.

and books

and boxes

by hand. Her hands.

Schooled at the North Bennet Street School, where students have been learning handcraft trades since 1885, and residing in Brookline, Jessica Roland makes mighty fine books, boxes, and enclosures. Her craftsmanship is amazing, with incredible precision and creativity.

But most importantly, Jessica makes bespoke items.....from Sassafras Bindery:

I make blank books, albums, and editions of self-published work. All work is hand done and all materials are acid free.

Collect your children’s artwork and I will bind it into a coffee table book as a beautiful and meaningful way to preserve memories. Make one for each year of school or present one as a graduation present or a keepsake for a grandparent or teacher.

Archival boxes and enclosures for documents and books or custom made boxes to fit personal photographs or business cards.

If your grandmother’s cookbook or your favorite read from high school has fallen apart, let me rebind it so it can be part of your life again.

I welcome artist collaborations.

I invite you to check out her website, Sassafras Bindery, and see her incredible work.


Samuel said...

I heartily agree with your blog comments... and not just because I am her brother! LOL. She and her work really are extraordinary.

beachbungalow8 said...

wow.beautiful. for those who won't settle with scrapbooks bought at michael's.
perfect for all that you mentioned.

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