Wild Wearables

With the much anticipated October 16th opening of Where the Wild Things Are, suddenly white furry jumpsuits are all the rage. Particularly at Opening Ceremony.

For real.

Max Suit, $610.

Bull Shawl Jacket, $635

"a perfect winter coat for every wild rumpus", Ira Military Jacket, $805

Inspired by Carol (and meeting all your faux fur needs), the Carol Flare Coat, $575

"The wild things 'were frightened and called him the most wild thing of all and made him king of all wild things' and you can be the same in this max short fur. This jacket...features the top half of the max play suit, but with removable fingerless gloves and eared hood for a more demure look." The Max Sweatshirt, $460.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Don't you mean "Fur real"? ;)

This is a bit over the top. I know the movie looks pretty cool, and all the folks involved are really hip, but the models in the Max suits just look plain ridiculous. If I had $610 (why the 10? was 600 not enough?) to spare I could think of loads of other things I would buy before this.

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