Une serviette s'il vous plait?

Need a little sum'n-sum'n for the hosts of that Friday night soiree'? Used all of those uber-cool cheapo IKEA paper napkins at the last cocktail party? Want to add just a little shazam to your already clever menu of homemade apps and drinks?

Get the party started with this set of twelve fabric cocktail napkins.
The perfect gift for yourself or your favorite hostess.

Each napkin is a different pattern - so guests can keep track of their drink. These also do double duty as coasters - rest a drink on them or use them to wipe fingers after snacking.

Double sided coasters in twelve complementary patterns.
They are pre-washed and pressed, so no shrinking after the first use.
My friend Marie gave a set of these to me and I use them all the time.

Found at Etsy and Pod. From Cornwagonthunder.

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