Guerilla Gardening in Brookline

The street on which we live is a very typical urban street, a couple of apartment buildings, office buildings, a single family house here and there but it's not necessarily grassy nor does it evoke any idea of open free space.

Yet, just down from our apartment sits 200 feet of garden. Right along the road, with sidewalk on one side and an ugly chain-link fence on the other, is one single row of bean plants, tomato plants, cukes, etc.

This is not something one would find on their way to work on our street. You're more likely to find weeds along the road, or the occasional urban flotsam and jetsam that line the roadside.

This 200 Foot Garden is quite a treasure and one that has much to offer, to both the neighborhood and regular pedestrians that stroll by daily on their way to catching the T.

Watch gardener and co-creator, Patrick Gabridge, explain what he and his wife, Tracy, had in mind:

Tracy Gabridge also writes Beyond Dinner, Patrick writes The Writing Life x3.

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