Sometimes when I'm bored, I fold my money

I dabble mostly.Sometimes have to re-fold. Re-crease.

Press down with the palm of my hand, putting my whole body-weight into it.

Or, with the final product-see how far it might fly across the room,
hoping not to bonk anyone in the head.

Occasionally, I'll line them all up on my desk. In a row.

Acting out different scenarios. Rooster vs. rhino vs. cat vs. headless Pajama Man

I also like to pay with my money-origami. Doesn't really annoy....not at all, actually.

More Creative Origami Links *here*


Jennifer said...

Me want camera!

This seems to be a trend in blog posts lately...


beachbungalow8 said...

I have that last outfit. It's kind of small right now.

Anonymous said...

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