Spring Break in New England

Spring in Boston usually means 40 degree temps with a near-freezing windchill. Forsythia is out. Maples and oaks are just starting to bud.

It also means that people are generally so desperate for warmer temps they dress as though it were mid-70's and will just quietly suffer the icy cold. Flip-flops and all.

Not me, so much. While I refuse to wear my sleeping bag winter coat, I will try and stay warm. And find the sun. Without the wind.

Spring in Boston also means that all the billion of public schools are on Spring Break this next week, including Brookline schools. So, we're heading out. Or down.

To Marco Island, Florida. It's not South Beach by any stretch...and it's on the Gulf and we stay with family -that has a boat. So, we make the most of it.

Without our winter coats.

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