I Suppose I am a Poser

Okay, okay......I'll admit it - I'm a huge phoney-poser-fake-oh. I own a small collection of Moleskines....some used. Some, not so much. I think, somehow, by simply having one at the ready, I become some cognoscenti of the world (with my jaw locked and my brow raised). I can easily jot down my highly intellectual thoughts, doodles, scribbles, hangman - in a moment's notice. For tic-tac-toe, for travels, for weird kid quotes.....I adore these little notebooks.

And here's why: they are each handmade. Individually. Which would explain the coin needed to own one. But I think they are well worth it. Go *here* for cool history of Moleskine.

And now one can own a small, colorful pocket-size version. They come in a nice packet of two.

For two centuries now Moleskine (mol-a-skeen'-a) journals have been the legendary notebook of artists, writers, intellectuals and travelers. More popular than ever, Moleskine notebooks possess stylish minimalism and unmatched quality. This century new legends are being created with the help of this modest book. Moleskine journals help in daily life, work and play, at home and traveling the world. This is the journal that has been as it remains today a truly reliable friend - always at the ready. Helping in life - helping create and capture life stories.

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northsidefour said...

They are all over my apartment, in every bag I own, and I get just a little icky feeling if I think I've lost the one I was jotting in at that time. And now I can have a bright yellow one? I'll never lose it.

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